Visitors But No Sales? Here’s How You Make a Real Customer

It is a struggle for a business owner when you see the number of your traffics going higher, but your sales transaction stays stagnant. You pull your hair off to make people click on your website and when they come, they only pass you off. What did you do wrong? Why all of those leads didn’t convert and make a real customer that buys your products? Here are a few things that may be going down, and how you can fix it.


Secrets in Converting Your Traffics Into Sales


There is no point in having a huge number of traffics if none of them buy your service. Because that is essentially the real end-goal on why you even make an effort to promote your business in the first place is to make money. There are ways that you can implement in your marketing strategies to optimize your conversion.


  1. Have Audience in Mind

The “target avatar”, is what a lot of people usually called it. It’s a mock-up and imaginary person whom representation your actual target audience. You can use this avatar to make a real customer by imagine your specific ideal clientele that you want to sell your product into. Determined what kind of person they are, how they speak, and what are they like and dislike, and market it to fit into the said person.


For example, if you sell a beauty cream that can cure acne, then figure out who that product would be suitable for. Someone interested in an acne cream would most likely be a person with acne problem, who speaks casually, has a desire to have clear skin, etc. By having that target avatar in mind, you can design your marketing strategies to that person, so all of your incoming traffics will be someone that needs your products. That means a higher percentage for your conversion’s lead.


  1. Look Professional

Nobody wants to buy from an illegitimate company. They want to invest their money for the products and services to a real business that they can trust. No matter the scale of your business will be, if you want to make a real customer you have to look as professional as possible. A good online site will make a person that stumbles upon you feel secured. If you look as if you are half-heartedly setting up your site and accounts, then say bye-bye to new clients.


You can do this by having a website with a domain that fits with your line of work, make it into looking as good as you can. But remember your target audience, set up your site that will appeal to your avatar’s aesthetics. In this site, you can put a detail description of your products or services and how to buy them, or anything else that you may find to help your sales.


  1. Have Social Medias Presence

In this millennia’s era, social media has a big influence on so many people. This should be the case too with your business. You need to have a social media presence as a part of your branding. Having a brand is really important because people need to remember you and it can also be a part of your marketing strategies. In the long run, when you reach your success, your brand could be a household name too.


Building a report with your audience can drive up your sales. If there is a relationship, that means there is trust. And having trust means you can make a real customer out of your followers. Have an engagement with your costumers in your social media’s post, answers their comments and direct messages, but don’t use a chatbot to do this because it will lower your credibility in your costumers’ eyes.


Those engagements that you do will increase your traffics number too. Aside from that, having a social media presence would make an easier communication between you and your customers. They could quickly go to your accounts and ask you on your DM or comment section. Other people could also help or find themselves having similar questions, so this will build a community between your followers too.


  1. Be Clear on What You Sell

So now ultimately all of that work would for nothing if you don’t have a clear description of what you sell. How can you make a real customer if people don’t know what they buy? You must put an effort to make sure your products and services are easily understood. Answer questions like what it is that you sell, what it is for, how much is it etc. Put this in the frontal view of your product list with a clear title.


Visualization is also really important, people want to see what they buy. That is why having a clear, great quality pictures for your products is one of the task that you must prioritize. Make sure that the picture that you put online is the closest representation of what your products actually look like. Never, once again, NEVER use the same picture as everybody else. If you use your own picture will set you apart from your competition.


Another selling point that can make a real customer out of your traffic nowadays is to touch on people’s feeling. When you write your description, instead of the old version of detail and specification, it is best if you describe what your products and services will benefit that person emotionally. Back to the cream example, you can choose words such as, “this acne cure will make you more confident,” or things like, “use this cream for two weeks and you will be glowing from within.”


When you have an online business, a huge traffic number is important, but even more important than that is your sales number. Because sales number equal payment, and that is how you as a business owner making your money. We want all of our effort in marketing and promotion will make a return in transaction. If you are struggling to do that, you can follow those tips above to improve your business.

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