How to Use Facebook Ads For Your Website

Nowadays the use of social media not only for communicating with other people all around the world, but also to earn money by promoting or monetizing products. One of the social media that has an advertisement feature is Facebook. Facebook advertisement is purchased on an auction basis, the advertisers will get pay based on either impressions, clicks, and actions. You can find different ad formats that offered on Facebook.


You can publish or even create all types of ads that offered through a certified ads API developer or Facebook’s self-service. A certified ads API developer will help you in managing your Facebook advertising if you need a more comprehensive tool. The ads will deliver all across Facebook and some formats are shown in the Facebook news feed.


If you interested to use ads feature on Facebook, here some steps on how to use Facebook ads. Let’s check this one out.


How to Use Facebook Ads

  1. Set some goals for your page

It’s important to think what you’re aiming to achieve and the reason why you’re advertising before you create any adverts. Setting a few goals for the future of your ads and it can also measure the success of your page. For example, in the first month, you could set a goal of 100 downloads if you want to increase download of your app through Facebook Ads.


For your Facebook Ads campaign, the goals will help you to choose the correct objective. The goals could generate new leads, increase the attendance at my event, increase traffic to my website from Facebook, boost engagement for our Facebook page and increase the reach of our content on Facebook.


  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager

Step two of how to use Facebook Ads is you can head over to Facebook Ads Manager, which Facebook campaigns run through it. You can access or by selecting “Manage Ads” menu on your Facebook account. You can also click any of the CTAs on the Facebook page. You can navigate with the menu on the left-hand side once you’re into the Facebook Ads Manager. If you want to get started with your first ad, just click the green button which in the top-right corner of the page.


  1. Choose your objective

The next step of how to use Facebook Ads is choosing your objective. These objectives are important for your campaign. Facebook has many different ways of approaching ad campaign and its benefits. There are three categories such as awareness, consideration, and conversion. After selected the marketing objective, you will be asked about your campaign name.


  1. Customizing the audience and budget

The target audience is important for the success of your ads campaigns on Facebook. You can customized the audience based on the location (like country, state, zip code, city, and address), languages, gender, age, behaviors (like purchase behavior), connections (choose to show the add to all people on Facebook), and interests (like person’s interest, the pages they’ve like, activity, and related topics. There is also a Connections setting which help you to choose advanced targeting.


After selecting the target audience, you need to choose how much budget you’d like to spend on your ad. It’s important to remember the maximum amount of money when you set a budget. There are two types of budget you can choose, such as Daily or Lifetime. A daily budget is like the average amount of money that you will spend every day. Also, a lifetime budget is the maximum money that you will spend on your advert set during the lifetime.


  1. Create your own advert

It’s time to show your creativity by choosing the images o video headline, body text and the location of your ad will be displayed. If you choose text, you will get 90 characters to share a short message along with the images or video on Facebook. Here you can use an existing post that has been shared on the Facebook page. Choose which page you want to select a post or pick the post from to use it as your advert.


You can also create a new advert that started with a blank canvas. So, you should select the format you want two use for your ads. Facebook offered 5 types of formats for your adverts, such as the carousel, single video, single image, canvas, and slideshow.


  1. Select your ad placement

The last step on how to use Facebook Ads is to select your ad placement. Advert placement is an important thing to choose because it will be shown locations of your Ads. Your adverts may appear in Facebook’s Newsfeed, mobile News feed, and right column. The ads that you’ve created to appear on Instagram.


You may use the default placement that recommended by Facebook for the objective you choose. It can enable Facebook to optimize your ads placements in order to get possible results at coverage cost.

That’s all about how to use Facebook Ads, hope that the information will be useful and helpful for us.

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