How to Promote a Product Using Social Media

Are you an owner of online commerce or only a seller of products? Nowadays social media becomes a popular and easy thing to promote your product. It will be a definite way of reaching out to the potential and existing buyers in the shortest possible time and at least cost.


Most people around the world using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and etc. It is important to include these communities in promoting a product or other business. The number of people that you can reach by social media is so huge, so it will give a big impact to your business and increase the sales.


Using social media or social networking is cheaper than the traditional marketing and also other advertising methods, such as put the products in newspaper, magazine or even television. Promoting the product using social media by determining where your customers and potential customers are, then also to get your product visible on that websites.


So, how to promote a product using social media? Just check and read clearly the information below.


How to Promote a Product Using Social Media

  1. Target the Social Media Where You Want to Promote the Product

The first thing on how to promote a product using social media is targetting the social media where you want to promote the product. You have to know most of your customers are using what kind of social media. Most people might be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Then, you have to consider other social networking like Tumblr and Pinterest that are growing.

  1. Make your Goal

Secondly, you should make or establish your goal on How to Promote a Product Using Social Media. If you want to promote a product, make sure that you do it specifically about what else you want to do, you can do it to sell more products, attracting return customers or gaining new customers for increasing the sales.

  1. Set Up a Facebook Page

The next steps how to promote a product using social media is by setting up a Facebook page. It’s better for you to have your own page, where people can like it, share it, comment or even leave the honest reviews. It can be the best promotion, because most people can link to your website.
The Facebook page will encourage people to like your product page, offer incentives such as coupons and also much discounts. So, other people can join the community and make it growing higher.

  1. Create a Twitter Account

Most people do not always use Facebook as their social media, so creating a twitter account to promote your product is a must. You can promote the product with 140 characters to talk about it by attracting the followers. Make sure that you follow people, brands and companies that might be interested in your product or business. The more people you follow, then also the more followers you have a chance of attracting too. So, follow everyone to develop your business.

  1. Use LinkedIn

You can use LinkedIn if your product is relevant to businesses and also professionals. This social media predominantly used by professionals and also business people, so you can set up a group in it for your product and reach out to people you could serve. You can post the reviews and updates regularly. If your product doesn’t sell in the business world niche, so you can skip it.

  1. Use Blog to Promote your Product

Do you have a blog? You can use your own blog to write the details of the product you sell, the benefits and also the popularity of your product. You have to encourage the people to share your posts and share them on their social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or etc.

  1. Put Together a YouTube Video

Most people in the world watch billions of YouTube videos every day, so it will be the best of social media to promote your products. Make a video or slideshow of your product, give the details and also benefits. Make it viral, so it gets forwarded and viewed by many different people around the world.

  1. Join other Social Media or Social Networking Communities

You can explore yourself by joining the other social media or social networking communities, such as Tumblr, Pinterest or even Google Plus. You can ask your customers about some questions, like where they like to go online. You can do it by taking a poll on the Facebook page or ask for leaving comments on your blog. It can give you so many ideas.


Then, the most effective way of promoting through social media or social networking sites is to appoint social media marketers. The social media marketers have trained professionals in doing social media marketing against a charge, which as they are aware of the current trends and possibilities in social media.


That’s all the information about how to promote a product using social media that you have to know. So, now you don’t need much efforts to promote your product right? Hope it will be useful for us.

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