How to Make Money from Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the social media that everyone use for communicating with other people all around the world. Nowadays Facebook not only for communicating or a platform to share your own activity in daily life, but also you can make money through it. How does it work? Facebook has an advertising feature that helps you to promote your products.


Facebook Ads are purchased if the advertisers got either clicks, actions or impressions. Here you can create and publish your own ads through Facebook self-service and a certified ads API developer. It will help you in managing the advertisement once you lack comprehensive tool. Your ads will publish all across the Facebook page with some eligible formats.


If you interested to learn more about to how to make money from Facebook Ads, here some steps you need to know. Let’s check this one out!


How to Make Money from Facebook Ads


  1. Create the image that will catch the attention and sized correctly

The first step on how to make money from Facebook Ads is to create the image that will catch the attention and sized correctly. You can create the image with perfect sizing for Facebook ads are 1200 x 627. Facebook adjust tool can help you to crop the image if it isn’t perfect. There are some websites that offer you to design your ads with the templates and size that suggested. You can put the pictures of the product you like to promote on Facebook.


  1. Create ad copy and include a bit link

The next step on how to make money from Facebook Ads, you should create ad copy and include a link. It will help you to resonates the markets. The text that you want to show should be very simple, but keep your brand’s style and voice stay true. Including a bitly link in your ad copy, its help you to give the audience another place to click the advertisement for good measure.


  1. Decide on your targeting and test

You can set up the advertisement to only people who like the page, if you think image and copy would best for your client. So for those who already know or like your Facebook page would see the ads, it really helps you to get an instant brand recognition. You can choose to target to be who do not like the page. It’s better for you to set up interests, age, gender and any other demographic that you think it’s important to your ads.


  1. Monitor, adjust, and check for clicks and engagement

The last step on how to make money from Facebook Ads is to monitor, adjust, and check for clicks and engagement. Sometimes the cost per follower or the cost per click will be higher than your expectation. You may need to set up your targeting on Facebook ads to see what happens. Sometimes you might also find that your ads on the Facebook page gaining some comments. It is a really great opportunity to sell or engage to these social media platform.


That was step by step to earn money from Facebook Ads. Actually, Facebook Ads allows you to redirect potential customers to your business page, website, Instagram profile, etc. It is helped you to generate leads, like the conversion depends on how good the quality of the display of your content, product description, website, images, and videos.


Remember that you need to understand that Facebook Ads are an indirect source of income. You can make money from Facebook Ads if you can generate it. Facebook Ads will work better for your business when it’s been run on a daily basis. The daily appearance works in fixing the service or products in the customer’s mind. You can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) with the help of Facebook Ads and regular promotional posts that you have posted.


You need to invest a small amount of money in the Ad campaign since the Facebook Ads is an indirect medium to make money. After that, you will start to get some money out of it. The money you spend on an advertisement can be decided according to your budget. The budget is flexible and variable. You can customize it as a per day budget according to the total budget that you have. The cost can be paid as a lifetime campaign.


The important things you should know is your lifetime budget or per day can help to reach your Ad. The per day budget spends the average amount of your money according to the site usage by an audience that targeted. You should create or designed in a way to get any interesting costumers that will easily be converted into a client.


That’s all about step by step on how to make money from Facebook Ads. Hope it will be useful for you who feel confused about how to make money from Facebook ads.

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