How to Advertise on Twitter

Twitter is one of the largest social media that used by everyone as a communication platform. As a social media, Twitter also has an advertisement feature. Dick Costolo as the CEO of Twitter has said that advertising becomes the centerpiece of the company’s business model. Twitter has different advertising model like other social media did.


They don’t want to show boring display ads with just a big banner. It’s like Twitter wants ads to become a part of the system and catch the attention of the target market. There are a few types of Twitter Ads you should know, such as promoted account, promoted tweets, and promoted trends.


If you want to try to put your ads on Twitter, here are some ways on how to advertise on Twitter. Let’s check this one out.


How to Advertise on Twitter


The first things you should know on how to advertise on Twitter, you have to control the cost of your campaign and make sure it minimizes the risk. It’s really important to set up your daily and total budget, so you can decide what’s best of a lead, a new follower or click through to your business page or website.


You should pay less than the result of your campaign which it might be worth to you when choosing the amount of budget. Even though you choose the lifetime value of a lead, a new customer, remember that it’s not just the first action initial value. If you’re satisfied with the numbers, you should set the total amount of money that you’re prepared, this is called total budget. A daily maximum budget is a total budget that divided by a number of days that you’re going to run the campaign.


The next step on how to advertise on Twitter is attracting new followers. The campaign ads are actually designed or created to increase the growth and visibility of your followers. The ads appear as promoted accounts on the Home, Search results pages and Profile in the Who to Follow boxes, and as Promoted Tweets, you can find it in the person’s timeline. You can go to Twitter Ads, to create a Promoted Account campaign. You should enter your country, time zone and payment details that you want to choose, if this your first time using Twitter Ads.


After you learn how to attract new followers, the next step is to know about conversions and drive traffics. Conversion or known as Website Clicks is used to control the traffic to your website, and also helps to generate conversions of the specific product orders, email sign up, and page views.


You can go to the Conversion Tracking tools in the top navigation bar to get started and select Create New Website Tag. After that you should give a name to your tag, select the type of conversion you’d like to track. You can select Download, Signup, Custom, Purchase, and Site Visit. Here you have the ability to report sales against your advertising costs.


Place the code on the relevant page of your website or business page for the conversion, so, Twitter will help you to generate a code. You can see the tag in your campaign reports when its conversions successful.


The last step on how to advertise on Twitter is to generating and capture leads. People can opt-in with just one click if you run a leads with a Lead Generation Card. It because Twitter knows about the email address and the name, also the details of auto-fill when clicking your tweets.


The leads campaign on Twitter setup is similar to the Website Clicks campaign setup. So, it starts when you Create New Campaign and then select Leads. You can choose your audience, set your budget and customize the visibility of the ad. After that, you should create your tweet which is using a Lead Generation card. Then you go to save the campaign and launch it. Twitter have collected the email addresses from people who opt-in. To download, export or import it, you may use a supported CRM system to get the leads manually.


The conclusion is this is important to measure and track the results of your Twitter Ads, so you can basically what doesn’t and what works. You can use the information to fine-tune to run your campaigns. You can see your activity as gathering data about conversion rates and cost, also as investment learning. You can also use some things to help you optimize the future campaigns. After you have optimized the campaigns you will know what is profitable and can consider your budgets income.


That’s all about some ways on how to advertise on Twitter that you should know. Is it really easy to try right? You can follow these steps to try your own Twitter ads campaign. Hope it will be helpful for you who want to advertise something on Twitter.

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