Free Steps to Have a Profitable Online Business

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When you started an online business, you might find yourself getting confused on how to start promoting your products. Seeing that it would be no use if you have an amazing product that works wonderfully like no other, but you don’t know how to attract consumers to buy your product. It can be quite frustrating. You can try to implement these few things to get you to have a profitable online business without having to stress about it.


How Do You Market Your Online Business?


Don’t worry. You don’t need to put huge money into your marketing budget to get you going. Although it is helpful to have hired some professionals to do your marketing or even blast your business account everywhere, a small business may not be able to afford it. You can do that with just free strategies that you can do on your own.


  1. Using Social Media

With how widely the internet is used, social media becomes a huge influence on many people. There are so many people with each different thing that thesy are interested in on the internet. This also means that whatever your product may be, you can always make a profitable online business by finding your target audience somewhere on the internet. Then, you can monetize that idea for you to have a profitable online business.


If you decided to go with the free road, you need to put a time effort instead. Having a strong social media presence is essentially what you need. To do that, it is necessary to build a relationship with your followers. You must post regularly on your account, you will frequently appear in your followers’ timeline.  People want to know that stuff. Tell them what has been going on behind the scene.


Engagement is the key! Take as your advantage the comment section on your account. People usually will ask questions there or even just post their opinion of your products there. A profitable online business can utilize it by having a conversation there. After some interactions, you will create a sense of trust and community between your audiences. This may take a while, but the result will be worth it, because you would end up with a royal customer as your clients.


  1. Using Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization or more commonly known as the SEO method, is a technic used when writing content for your website. With this, you can manipulate search engine machine such as Google, to put your website into the first-page result of their search. Using mostly keyword-based articles, you can create the content to fit into the algorithm. In the long run, traffic will come to your website by finding these articles from Google’s search.


To rank your article to be the number one on search result, you first should learn how to write a simple SEO style content. You can do that by having to do good research on the keywords that people often looking for, write a simple few hundred words articles about your related subject and inserting those keywords sprinkled on it. All you need to do is to wait for the traffic to come organically.


  1. Using Media Marketplace.

Another trick that you can do is by using a Media Marketplace. There are so many online marketplace available nowadays, with the largest available is Amazon and Alibaba Express. In Indonesia, there are many online local marketplaces like Tokopedia, Bukalapak or others. You can take advantage of their websites to sell your product and make a profitable online business. The process to register is relatively easy and there is already an available template for you to fill in.


The key to fully utilize the marketplace to promote your business is to stand out among everybody else, because there are thousands or even millions of business owners trying their luck the same way as you. So, it will be advantages if you able to distinguish yourself from everybody else.  To do that, you need to make your official account as legitimate as possible, people will trust you put out a professional frontier.


It is a bonus point for you if you take the picture of your own product. Let’s be real most people here are retailer agents that only act as a third party between producer and consumer. Though being one is not a bad thing, but the problem is everybody else is also posting the same picture for the consumer as you do. So investing in having a clear and high-quality picture will make you unique and that’s where your customers come in. From there, you can build a strong profitable online business.


  1. Using Email

Promoting yourself via email exists since forever and still being used by a lot of business owners to this day for a reason. It is a really effective method in getting a client. By reaching out to your client directly via email, you can target a specific candidate customer that has a higher probability of interest in your product. So you don’t have to spend any effort on someone that would not be attracted to your proposal.


What you need to remember is that you should never send a standard forwarded email to everybody else. It sounds tacky and annoying. Instead, you should compose a personalized email to cater to each person that you send it to. You can look for personal things about that person and figured out what they are like. After that, use that information to write a business proposal for them. This is proven to be the most effective methods in gaining a profitable online business.


Income can come from many avenues, one of them is by having an online business. Have steady money coming from it, will be the goal. You can do that by promoting your company with those steps above. Whether you choose social media methods, SEO articles, or even reaching out individually by email, it will need time. So, the real work is actually on the waiting game. Be patient with it, it will pay off in the end.

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