Facebook Ads or Google AdWords? Complete Guide on Online Advertising

Who doesn’t know about Facebook and Google? They are rank as leading companies that rule the internet. Google alone dominates 92% of search engine users, while Facebook has over 2.41 billion active users and is considered the biggest social media network worldwide. With those numbers, both of the platforms are excellent if you are decided to use their online advertising services.


Which You Should Be Using?


There is a huge debate over which advertisings you should do. The two major one that people usually looks into are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. What are the differences between them and how they work? These are few things that you need to know before deciding to choose the right advertising for your business.


  1. Their Key Differences


The main glaring contrast between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords is how they put out their advertising. Because of how their system works, the ads will be displayed with different purposes in mind. With Google, you essentially put out an ad so your potential customers can find you. Online advertising on Facebook works by finding a selected audience based on demographics that may interested in your services first, then post ads on their page.


Google’s fundamental purpose is to help people find information based on search results and keyword. You are way better if you put your services or products on Google AdWords if you want to have streams of prospective buyers find your business those. In other words, the B2C marketing method is being used there. That doesn’t happen in Facebook Ads.


Facebook is a social media platform, therefore a B2C marketing will not work well on its site. Instead, a B2B marketing work well for their advertising. Unlike Google, people go to Facebook to share about their lives and also to find something that they are interested in. This will allow you to create online advertising that uses Facebook’s data as your advantages. Between the two of them, you have to choose whether you want to hunt your potential customers with Facebook or you want your costumers to find you through Google.


  1. Their Ads Systems


If you use Google AdWords, you will find that you need to set a campaign that requires some keywords and your location to be inputted. Your ads will appear if someone types those keywords in search engine. It is heavily focused on SEO website results. The good thing about this is that your ads will only be shown to someone that is already in need of your products or services. thus, the prospect of transaction happens a lot higher. They also use people’s search history as a way to determine AdSense on videos, websites, and others.


Facebook takes a different road on this one. As a way to collect data, they will monitor users’ behavior on their accounts. They gather information based on users’ posts and interests. You can use this as an advantage in your online advertising, as you can promote your ads to fit your specific audience of the target market. It is so in-depth that it includes their age, gender, location, previous purchases, and many more.


You can use the systems available by both them to cater for your business. It is a matter of how you put your ads on the sites. Because you would not gain a desirable result if you use the same ads on both platforms. You need to create a specialized ad on Facebook and another one that you designed only for your Google Ads. This will optimize the money that you put to advertise online since they both works differently.


  1. Their Pricing


For smaller businesses or individual freelancers, you may not have a big number that you put on your online marketing budget. Then Facebook Ads may have a selling point for you. It is considerably cheaper in comparison to Google AdWords. So you may get a greater result if you only willing to spend less than $100 a month on ads. For their Cost-per-click (CPC) pricing, it only costs you on average less than $1 per clicks. While Google takes a hefty price which varies from $0.35-$5 depends on the type of online advertising that you put out.


However, keep in mind ads on Google is designed to generate immediate cash flow and leads to your business. This may give you immediate results right after you put out your ads, but It is also their downfall. Because the main reason people click on your ad is to solve their problem, it typically will not generate any more sales and leads once the transaction is done. So, your customer streams and your ads are highly related. If you stop the ad, your new clients may not keep coming.


Facebook Ads works by gathering potential buyers in one place. Although this will not result in an upfront transaction, you can take advantage of your potential customers that follow your Facebook page. Once your costumes come in, because they already have an interest in your products or services, most likely they will stay in your community.


By that system, it will be easier for you to sell your products in the future. Besides that, you could create a community between your followers and thus build trust between your business and costumes. In other words, the return investment on putting your money on Facebook Ads is far greater than the money that you gain when you put the online advertising.


  1. Which One to Choose


Whether you choose to use the advertising services from Facebook or Google to boost your business, it is just a game of waiting. If you have time for your business to grow, you can invest your money for ads on Facebook for a long period and have dependable customer to sell your products, and Google for generation transaction in a short amount with no loyal clients


Optimizing your business using advertising is worth a try. It is best if you put your ads on both platforms to get the best of both worlds. Either way, you need to test it yourself for your business, since it will be different for every type of business how good their advertising will suitable for.


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